Career Summary

With a technical background and 18 years of professional experience, I have successfully worked as a security engineer, solution architect/designer and project manager. I’ve participated and managed IT projects for SME’s and international companies (projects budget value up to 750 000CHF). Being business and customer oriented, analytical, self-organized and with interpersonal skills, I’ve successfully achieved the goals based on long term view.

I have worked with business units to develop business oriented solutions for hundreds thousands of customers in different areas like VoiP, emails, web hosting, security solution… All projects I’ve driven include specification, technical choice, process and procedure writing, change management, implementation, support, monitoring, security and training. All projects include modularity for easy evolution.

Being convinced that a good project is based on good technical know-how and includes also a strong part of communications, I have worked with various departments going from technical to sales.

In parallel, I’ve trained hundreds of people (stakeholders, technical, business, sales, support, and customers/partners) worldwide on business solution or technical solution by adapting my speech according to the trainee level and working domain.

Finally, my work vision is also customer oriented and I give an important value to the end user. That’s why, along my work, the end user is placed in the projects as one of the main key to achieve the goals with a high level of satisfaction.

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